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Day 3: Where do you get those Coupons? And Organization!

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Okay! You made it to day 3! Yippee!

If you are just joining our series, check out Day 1 and Day 2!

Where do you get those coupons?

There are so many places that I get my coupons. Some are really obvious, others aren't.

I buy 3 papers most weeks, but I have been known to buy up to 10 at a time. Our Sunday Newspaper typically has 1-3 inserts, but sometimes up to 5-6. On Saturdays, Hip2Save always posts a preview of what will be in the upcoming Sunday's paper.

{Internet Printables}
The most common places to print coupons are here. Often times, manufacturer's will also have coupons that you can print from their website.

{Door Stores}
Here in our area, we get our grocery ads delivered to us for free. Make sure to check those Door Stores before tossing them out. Ours often have coupon inserts in them.

Some magazines have coupon in the advertisements. A great magazine for coupons is All You. This is a magazine you can get from Walmart or a subscription & it has $75-100 in coupons in it every month. Totally worth it in my book. I got a 30 issue subscription for $30 from one of those fundraisers.

{Coupon Clipping Sites}
There are whole sites dedicated to selling coupons. They are really cheap & if you know of a sale coming up, you can order whatever coupons you need. They come really quick, so you could even order them on Sunday & have them by mid week. I've never ordered from them, but here are a few options.


Coupons & Things By Dede
The Coupon Clippers
My Coupon Hunter

{Product Packages & Peelies}
Make sure to check all your boxes before tossing! They may have coupons inside!

{Blinkies & Tear Pads @ Store}
Check out the blinkies & coupon tear pads placed throughout the grocery store.

{Email or Call the company}
I did this a while back for all of my favorite brands. I found the emails of the companies & sent them praises about their products telling them what we loved about their products. Sometimes I got some really good coupons in the mail from them!

Organizing those hundreds of coupons

There are a few methods that I recommend for organizing your coupons.

The most simple method for the amateur couponers is using a small coupon organizer, like below.



Easy to cut & stick coupons
Small & easy to carry in your purse

You'll run out of room fast
Takes time to flip through coupons to find what you need.

The most popular organization method among couponers is the Binder Method. does a great job showing that method here.

Obviously you use a binder, some prefer zippered, some don't. And you use baseball card holders for your coupons. I love's idea here of just sewing the lines in regular plastic sleeves. They are customizable!

Easy to find coupons if looking by product.
Easy to shop & find coupons while in the store.

You have to cut all of your coupons.
It takes time to pull out your expired coupons regularly too.

Tip: If you are cutting your coupon & buy multiple papers, make sure to stack all of your inserts together & cut once. Yeah. I cut mine individually for quite a few weeks. I'm a loser.

The last method, I kinda developed on my own. It works best for me. I use manilla folders & label the folder with the Date & Type of coupon insert. Ex. 5/1 SS. I store all of them in a tote & this stays in my car. There is minimal effort put into organizing my coupons & once every 2-3 months, I'll weed them out and get rid of the expired coupons.

I like this method because this is how all of the couponing blogs tell you where to find the coupons. When I look at the weekly deals, I know exactly where to look for a coupon. When they say the Clean & Clear coupon is in the 3/27 SS, I know exactly where it is.

This also forces me to be prepared for my shopping trip since I have to have all of my coupons out and ready.

Minimal effort to organize
Easy to find what you are looking for for match-ups.

Harder to find a certain coupon without using a coupon database {Like this one}
Not at all grocery store friendly

Coming tomorrow: How do you find the deals?


  1. I love the idea of sewing your own sizes in plastic sleeves! Perfect for those long Tide coupons!

  2. Love this coupon series! Thanks for sharing this abundance of knowledge.


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