Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1: How to Save Money using Coupons

Welcome to Day 1 of my i {HEART} couponing series!

Today, we are focusing on how to go from saving 10-20% of your grocery bill to 40-50% of your grocery bill!

The #1 secret to saving money is stockpiling.
Now I'm not telling you to become an Extreme Couponer & buy 300 toothpastes, but watch the sales every week & stock up on things you use when its on sale.
{on sale with a coupon is even better!}

As an example: Last week I was able to score 12 free boxes/bags of pasta. I didn't need pasta. I still had 4-5 boxes in my cabinet. But, I printed as many coupons as my computer allowed & got all 12.

This is especially true with health & beauty items. Before couponing, I would do grocery shopping @ the grocery store & my health & beauty shopping @ Walmart.
Since couponing, I've been able to get shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, tampons, soap, razors, etc free {at Walgreens & CVS} & I have eliminated my Walmart trips.


It doesn't seem like much, but the cost of healthy & beauty items really adds up!

You can still save money without stockpiling, buy you'll be in the 10-20% range instead of the 40-50% range.

To really track your savings, go back the last 2-3 months & add up how much you spend on grocery, beauty care, & health products. Do the same thing after couponing for a few months & you'll really see your overall savings.


Don't get caught up in the % Savings number on your receipts. That's only how much you saved on that trip. They don't track how much you didn't have to buy because you already have it at home!

I have a few things to caution you on before you become a major league couponer:

1) Make sure you check the cost of using a coupon on a Brand Name item versus buying generic. Often times, it's still cheaper to buy a generic brand item. And lots of generic items are just as good as Brand Names. Often times it's not. You just have to try them out.

2) To really save money, you may have to hop brands. We've tried lots of brands of lots of things. Some types of items are fine with any brand. Other items, we are very loyal to certain brands - Tide, Old Spice deoderant, Clorox Anywhere, Trauth Cottage Cheese, etc.

For the items that I'm Brand Loyal on, I still know what a good price is for them & I still stock up on them when I find a deal.

3) Couponing can be very overwhelming & takes time. Start slowly and work your way up.
If you get overwhelmed, take a break for a few weeks and do it again. I just took a break from couponing myself last month. We had a wedding, Easter, Gray's Birthday, & my surgery. I was just too busy to coupon.

Coming up this week!

Day 2 - Couponing Ethics & Rules
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Day 4 - How do you know what the deals are?
Day 5 - How to shop @ certain stores
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  1. Thank you so much for my first lesson. I'm so glad you are taking it slow. I just might be able to keep up. I have my paper & pencils ready for tomorrow. Love you sweet pea


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