Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dance Teacher Thank Yous

The other day, the awesome ladies at Eighteen 25 posted this super cute idea for thank yous for dance teachers.
I love the idea. I love the colors. AND I got to use my new Cricut to make it!

I called the hubs and asked him to pick up a three pack of gift cards for our three dance teachers.

I didn't realize the 3 pack came like this.

So, we improvised! I had already cut out all of the pieces from the tutorial that the Eighteen 25 ladies made.

I took my 8.5" x 3" black cardstock & folded it in half. I fixed the record printable on top of the scalloped circle & attached it to the front.

I had to make a gift card holder, so I pulled out
my cutting mat &
my exacto knife

I put the gift card where I wanted it to be placed and marked holes 1/2 inch from the corner on both edges of the top right & bottom left corners.

Then I used the exacto knife to cut a slit between the two marks.

Then I added the gift card.

Lastly, I cut out a piece of white cardstock (~2.5" x 3.75"). And had Layne sign her name. Then I stuck it on the left side.

And I had to throw one in of my little dancer @ her rehearsal last night :)

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