Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rosette Tee - featuring NatSprat!

Yesterday I had the rare occurrence of shopping without my kids (can you believe it?!?). I even got my hair cut for the first time in a year and a half too!

At Ann Taylor Loft, they had the cutest striped tee. Normal price was $19.50, tag marked $12.99...but it was an additional 60% off! So, I got the tee for $5.20 (73% off!).

I've been eyeing these super cute fabric rosettes made by Natalie on Natsprat. I've been wanting to make them since she posted the tutorial! I finally dug out my fabric scraps and chose these ones.

I followed the tutorial using fabric glue (since I planned to wash the shirt in the washer) and added a few stitches along the back to make sure they stayed in place. I just don't trust that fabric glue :) Making the rosettes took a total of like 3 minutes a piece. They were so easy to make. I definitely foresee lots of fabric rosettes in my future! Thanks Natalie!

When placing the rosettes, I would definitely recommend trying the shirt on and pinning the flowers where you want them. I moved them quite a bit from where I thought I'd put them when the shirt was laying flat. Then I just stitched along the edges and VOILA! A cute rosette tee!

And Layne had a blast in my craft stuff tonight too. She cut and glued her own masterpiece together!

Love and Blessings!

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  1. Oh my gosh, it turned out SOOOOO cute! And of course I love the fabric! Alexander Henry is the bomb. I'm so glad you stitched the flowers on, too. I just washed a shirt that I put rosettes on with fabric glue, and it kind of fell apart. I also forgot to turn the dryer to low...oops. I'll be stitching them on from now on for sure! I should probably include that little tidbit in the tutorial, huh! ;) Your shirt seriously turned out SO CUUUTE! *INTERNET HIGH FIVE!* :)

  2. Love the rosettes. I'm going to have to jazz up some things around the house.


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