Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please stay little...

This will be a long bare with me :)

Last Saturday, while driving around trying to get Layne to fall asleep and take a nap before the wedding (desperate times call for desperate measures!), she started asking me about Jesus, Santa, and the Easter Bunny.

She basically said that since you can't see them, they are imagine (imaginary).
At first, I thought she was saying magic, so I was like, yep, you're right, they are magic.
Then she said, Imagine. Not magic.

*Mind you, my girl is 3! Yes, just 3! And she's asking these questions.*

I argued with her and kept saying that Jesus is real (I didn't address the other two!). If you know my Laynie, you know that there is no use in arguing with her. Being the stubborn person I am and wanting to get the last word in (I didn't say she doesn't get it honestly :)), I said, "Jesus is real. End of discussion. Now, chicken nuggets or cheeseburger."

See the stubbornness, she wouldn't even look at me!

I'm amazed that her little three year old brain is contemplating the existence of these things already. It gives me pride that she is so smart, but I don't want her mind to worry about these things yet! I want her to think about her baby dolls and playing outside and being mean to her brother. Not things like where you go when you die and the existence of Jesus and other really deep things.

But it got me thinking, I try so hard to keep my babies little. I probably go a little overboard, but it's what I've choose to do. You can only keep them little so long.

Disclaimer: Before I write the rest this, I am not judging or talking bad about anyone who makes different decisions for their kids. My BFFs and sisters have some very different rules and ways of doing things AND I love and respect them for it. You know what's best for your kids. (Love you Jen, Rach, Amy, Nicole, Nichole, & Tiff!)

Before we had kids, I was one of those people that thought that I would be a cool mom. I would also do responsible things like make my kids have a bedtime (they do. 7:30 and 8:30). But I would be cool. I can remember me and Matt having a conversation about people we knew who had strict parents. That we WOULD NOT be like.

A friend I once stayed overnight with and her brother were only allowed to drink milk or water with dinner. Gasp! At least we were allowed Kool Aid. ---- And guess what, I hear myself saying all the time, "milk or water?" Granted it's chocolate or strawberry milk :) But I don't think they need the extra sugar in juice.

Or Matt had a friend who wasn't allowed to play Nintendo games that had fighting in them. Can you believe it?!? But guess what? I don't let my kids watch any TV besides things on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr. or Sprout. Why? Because I don't want them to grow up faster than they have to. I don't want to expose them to grown up things.

It was like a year before Layne realized Justin Beiber was a teenage boy and not a beaver. And I loved the innocence! I certainly wasn't going to let her grow up and faster and get boy crazy too! There's plenty of time for that.

And we've already got talk of boyfriends. I certainly don't think she completely understands. But she told me the other day for the first time that her boyfriend is Noah. I think it's cute, but it makes me flash forward 5-10 years when she will have real boyfriends and I kinda sorta start to panic.

Layne and Noah in May 2008.

There's a few others that we talked about that, luckily, we won't have to worry about for a while. Like, so and so's mom and dad didn't let them date until they were 16. 16! And I already know that I'll be one of those mom's that won't want to let their baby girl go on a date. or get married. or go away to college.

How did she go from fast!?!
So long story short. I've decided I'm going to be the uncool mom and let my babies be little as long as I can. If she wants me to carry her like a baby, I'm all for it. If Gray wants his sucky a little longer, that's okay. And if I want to limit what they watch and what they eat, I will. Because I can only keep them little for so long. I want to treasure and soak up these baby moments, because they'll be gone before I know it.

Baby Layne at 10 months old

And in case you were wonder, after discussing how to handle the "Jesus isn't real" situation with Matt, we decided to talk to her about Jesus and tell her all about him. We told her:

Jesus was God's son that he sent to earth.
On earth, Jesus could do really awesome things. Heal People. Walk on Water. Bring people back from the dead.
When Jesus grew up, he was beat up and he died on the cross.
When he died on the cross, he did it so that we could be forgiven for doing bad things and still go to heaven when we die.
And on the 3rd day, Jesus came back to life.
And when she's a little bigger, she can ask Jesus to come into her heart like mommy and daddy did.

(And Santa brings presents on Jesus's birthday because Jesus loves us so much that we get presents instead of him. And the Easter Bunny brings a basket so that we think about Jesus being risen and remember him coming back to life.)


  1. Wow, she is quite the little thinker! Watch out! Hahahah! And I love your new blog layout! Did you do it yourself!?! When I got here I was like..."Wait...this is the wrong blog!" Hahaha! But then I saw your pictures and realized you had just finished updating it. Seriously, it looks FABULOUS!!! Annnd, last but not least, you guys make the cutest babies EVER!!!

  2. Sarah, beautiful! Be protective. This is the time that you can. My son at 26 is still proud and fully admits to being a momma's boy. So, he Beas no regrets of my overprotectiveness. His girlfriend however..... : )
    That first picture of Layne is sloop beatiful!!!

  3. Sorry Sarah. Some typos. The most important is that Laynes picture is "sooooo" beautiful!!!


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