Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Not so} Trendy Momma

I like to think that I'm a hip and trendy momma,
but I'll be honest with ya. I'm about a year behind the trends.
I'm so a jeans and T-shirt girl at heart, but I do love to dress up and look pretty too.

Case in point: Skinny Jeans

I just got a pair last week.
Yep. I wait until trends are about a year old before I adopt them.
It's always one of those things, where I say, "I will not wear {insert trendy item}."
A few months later, I love {insert trendy item}.

This happened with gaucho pants, capri pants, knee high boots, and now...Skinny Jeans!

It's always a joke with me and my hubby.
I'll say, "I do not like {said trendy item}."
And he always jokes and says, "Give it 6 months, then you'll have some too."

But now that I have my new skinny jeans, I don't know what to wear them with! Help!?! Give me some skinny jean spring outfit ideas!


  1. HAHAHAH! Oh my gosh, I am the SAAAAME way. Like...when all the big flowers came out for little girls hair...I was like, "HOLY SATELLITE." And about a year later, I had an etsy shop open and I sold them. (so ashamed.) Anyway...back to the real subject...skinny jeans. I love peasant style tops with them...or anything loose and flowy, or a long tank and cropped cardigan. Honestly, you can't really mess up with skinny jeans. As for shoes, Flats are a must, as well as flip flops and boots. Tennis shoes, not so much. Well, Converse, yes....trail runners, NO. ;) Oh my gosh, did this make any sense???

  2. Yes! Thank you Natalie! I think I need some more flowy tops!


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