Thursday, April 14, 2011

More things to my craft to-do list...

I love checking out crafty blogs. There are so many awesome, creative ladies out there! The bad thing is, it just adds something else to my to-do list...which is only like eleven pages long :) I keep telling myself, there's always tomorrow!

Here's a few gems that I can't wait to make!

Me Sew Crazy's Braided Dress
(I already bought some Giraffe print material to make one of these for Layne!)

{Keep It Simple, Sister}'s Flowers from Tights
(I can't tell you how many pairs of tights I throw away every fall/winter season! Oh, how I wish I still had them!)

On another note...
The big wedding is only is 2 days! We're running around like crazy, but can't wait for Saturday! I still have to hem my dress, get beautified, and get everything ready. Love you, Nick & Jess!


  1. OH! I made some of Tatum's flowers (from KISS) and I love them! They are so easy and SOOOO cute! Have fun! :)

  2. I love crafts and sewing! Thanks for sharing the websites! I'm thinking about doing the dress and the flowers! haha!! Awesome!


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