Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend was fun and relaxing.

It started out with a girlfriend lunch with three of my best friends in the whole world. I love the dynamics of our relationships. With them, the conversation just flows so easily. There is always plenty to talk about and it is so relaxing to sit and just talk. We all have the same values when it comes to raising our kids, but we vary just enough to make it interesting. The four of us can talk openly and honestly without anyone getting offended. It's just great! Love you, Nicole, Nichole, and Tiffany!

Today was good too, but the highlight of the day was our "walk in the woods."
Matt, Layne, Gray, and I all started on a walk through the woods behind our house. The kids were in awe of the sights around them. Layne even commented that it just smells so good outside. The kids actually walking only lasted about 10 minutes.
But even with carrying them and giving piggy back rides, it was so lovely to be out in the woods enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. We saw so many of these beautiful, unique flowers all along the trail. It was such a nice surprise to find something in bloom this time of the year.
And the highlight for the kids was walking along the rocks in the creek.
Many days I think about how much nicer it would be to live closer to "town." Especially when I'm sitting in the car during one way of my hour commute. But playing outside today, walking in the woods, seeing the signs of nature around us...this is why we live where we live. This is where I want my kids to grow up.

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