Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lightning McQueen Applique Tutorial {& Pattern}

As promised, here is the first tutorial from our Cars themed Birthday Celebration!

I wanted Gray to have an awesome birthday shirt
I {love} all things appliqued!

Introducing the Lightning McQueen Tee!


Here's what you'll need
T-Shirt (mine was $5 at Target, but check Hobby Lobby for $3 tees)
Red, Black, White, and Yellow Fabric
My Handy Dandy Pattern found {HERE}
Fusible Web (Wonder Under, Heat N Bond, etc)
*Make sure you can machine sew your web!*
Black & White Thread
Sewing Machine

First go {HERE} and print the Lightning McQueen pattern. Trace the pattern onto your Fusible Web and roughly cut out.

Iron the rough side of the fusible web onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Cut out all of the pieces.

To assemble your car, remove the paper backing from the fusible web and iron the details onto the car. I ironed everything together besides the tires.
**Be sure to follow the instructions with the fusible web**

Remove the paper backing from your cars and tires center it on your Tee. Iron on!

Now it's time to do your stitching! I did most everything by machine. I stitched everything with black or white thread depending on what I thought looked best.

To tie off the ends, I took the thread from the back of the tee and pulled the front end of the thread to the back. I then tied the pieces off several times and cut the ends of the thread.

For the headlights, small lightning bolt, & #95, I stitched by hand.

Stitch some additional details into the rear and hood of the car to give your "Lightning McQueen" a more finished look!

You could always add a name to the bottom of the Tee too, but for this shirt, less is more for me :)


I also made a Darth Vater Tee for Laynie's Boyfriend, Noah's Birthday. The pattern for Darth Vater is {HERE}

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  1. how fun!!! i am totally making this for my 4 year old's birthday party this weekend :) thanks for the helpful post!

  2. Hi I'm a new follower. This is such a cute idea! I have been seeing so many different applique ideas, and I think my son would love this one. Thanks for the tutorial!
    I hope you get a moment to come check my blog out as well, and follow me back :)


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