Friday, April 1, 2011

Count it all joy

Why did I pick "Count it all joy" as the passage for my blog header? I've thought about this for the past week.

This is really a reminder to me to find the joy in every part of my life...even the trials and tribulations that we all face.

When the kids spill their juice or make a mess, I've been trying not to get upset, but to laugh about it and find the joy in the situation.

On days that we have seven billion things to do, instead of wishing we were at home relaxing, I am overjoyed that I get to spend time with the ones that I love.

When Laynie wakes up at the crack of dawn, I'm trying to be grateful that I get to spend time with her before I head off to work (instead of focusing on how late it's making me).

But, it would be wrong of me to stop there and only share that part of the verse with you.

The rest of the verse is so much more than "Count it all joy." It goes on to say (paraphrased by me), to count it all joy when you face trials. These trials give you strength and perserverance. And with strength and perserverance in your faith, you will have everything you need.

To me, the full verse means that we should find our joy in the Lord. Not just in things that make us temporarily happy. No matter what I'm faced with, God is the source of my joy.

but my family is a close second :)

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